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About PINT

Protein-protein interactions play a key role in many biological processes such as signal transduction, gene expression control, antibody-antigen complex etc. The integration of structural data and thermodynamic parameters of protein-protein complexes would improve our knowledge and pave a way to understand their binding specificity and functions. To achieve this purpose, we have developed a database, PINT, Protein-protein Interactions Thermodynamic Database, which contains experimental data of several thermodynamic parameters along with literature, sequence and structural information and experimental conditions. Each entry contains the name and source of the proteins involved in binding, their PIR, SWISS-PROT and PDB codes, secondary structure and solvent accessibility of mutant positions, experimental conditions, such as buffers, ions and additives, thermodynamic data such as binding free energy change, association/dissociation constant, heat capacity change etc. and literature information. Further all data are linked with other related databases, PIR, SWISS-PROT, PDB and PUBMED.

The mission of the PINT database is to provide a platform where researchers involved in protein-protein interaction studies can find all the necessary data available at one place. We hope this help the researchers to save their precious time in analyzing and comparing their data with the already existing information than spending their time on searching for similar data scattered in various journals scientific publications.

It may be noted that now a days most of the journals don't prefer to publish large amount of data. One option is then to show these data as a graph. We feel that this may not be very useful to the researchers who may need this kind of data for data mining and analysis. So having your data in PINT database means it is readily available to the user community.

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